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MS Registration Online


STEP #1Complete Athlete Registration on FamilyID website

STEP #2: Complete Sport Registration on this site

Registration is a two-step process and not complete until both steps are fully executed AND you have received an approval e-mail from the MRMABC Secretary via FamilyID.

NOTE: The FamilyID registration covers the entire 2020-2021 school year.  If your student's registration has been previously approved, you need only to ADD the new sport to the EXISTING registration (found on the Dashboard tab).  Please DO NOT create a new registration for the subsequent season.

Student athletes may not participate in try-outs or pre-season activities until registration is complete.

Sports Fees are collected AFTER the student athletes are rostered to their respective sports teams.

Step #1: Athletic Registration

Click here to complete your eligibility registration for all sport teams

Step #2: Sport Registration

Click here to register for the specific sport team you wish to try-out for


You will need to fill out the Athletic Registration in FamilyID for your child to be eligible to play a sport for Marvin Ridge Middle School during the 2020-2021 School Year.  Once the Athlete Registration is complete, your information will be stored for the entire 2020-2021 School Year.  If you sign up for sports in subsequent seasons, you will only add the new sport to the existing registration.

Please note that this first step does not register your student athlete to tryout for a specific sport. 

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, you will need the following items:

1. Your Student's Physical Examination Form (page 3 of the NCHSAA Pre-Participation Form) COMPLETED, SIGNED & DATED by a Medical Practitioner, and SCANNED/SAVED as a PDF or JPEG  form.  The completed form will be uploaded during this registration step. 

If your physical is valid (see note below regarding COVID19 physical extensions) and already on file in FamilyID, there is no need to submit a new pre-participation form or physical. 


  • PHYSICAL DATE CHANGE DUE TO COVID19.  All students with a physical exam dated 3/1/2019 or later are granted a one-year extension on their existing physical to participate through the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • ONLY the NCHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form will be ACCEPTED (see button to the right for link to form).
  • The parent/student portion of the NCHSAA Pre-Participation Form (pages 1-2) is now part of the FamilyID on-line registration; it does NOT need to be uploaded as part of registration.

2. Your Insurance Company & Policy Information


  • Starting in 2019-2020, you are NO LONGER be required to submit a notarized student insurance form; the student insurance agreement is now part of the on-line registration process. 



You must complete the Sport Registration to tryout/participate in each individual sport. 


If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the MRMABC Secretary Kim Anne Starke at

NCHSAA Pre-Participation Examination Form


(Amended 6/2010 )

The Marvin Ridge Mavericks Athletic Booster Club Board provides athletes the opportunity to sign up to try out for booster club sponsored sports. The Board has put in place the following policy that coaches, athletic directors and the booster club must follow.

  • All players are required to register by the announced cut off date of registration

  •  Transfer students may sign up to try out up until date of posted tryouts-please contact the Athletic Director

  •  Students who transfer to Marvin Ridge Cluster (middle or high school) midseason may try out for the sport at the coaches’ discretion

  •  It is the coach’s decision on the number of players allowed on a team with oversight by the Executive Board.

  • All players must be enrolled at Marvin Ridge Middle School or Marvin Ridge High School to participate on a team